Pantun latest love WHEN THE WAR ON GERMAN COUNTRY | 34 Indonesian Literature (English translation)
Today is Saturday Tonight, Sunday night If I can know How much love do you have for me Sell ​​vegetables on the market week Coming home about one o’clock Thanks for your way That guards me and my heart Most delicious tofu tofu Eat it as charred as a fork My love Is only one I prove it to you Little girl with ribbon braids Going out of town Love remains on guard To keep the heart always happy When war is in Germany Many enemies are many opponents Not rich not handsome The number one comfort Spiny rose roses Perfumed fragrance of the heart Permit me to be an angel Accompanying you all day Mango trees on the edge of the swamp All the fruit looks young Still romantic to old Do not lose the same old Cook the fish in the cauldron Most delicious mixed shrimp paste Not the treasure I was looking for But love is eternal Literary works: Nur baity RIAU 34SASTRA INDONESIA Monday August 28, 2017 05:06 Hello what is the best friend of literature ketemulai in 34 Literature Indonesia, how romantic and romantic maddening of course, need to know the poetry on the rock by a literary writer in 34 Indonesian literature he is one of the city in riau precisely in the area Siak Sriindrapura, hopefully pantun above can be entertaining and a reference for all literary friends,

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